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World Record Jackpot MegaFortune over €10 Million

The Megafortune jackpot is now over €10 Million for the second time in the past 2 years making it the largest progressive online slot ever.  This slot is continuing to wow people.  Previous records of progressive jackpots were anywhere from $1 million USD to $5 Million, now the Mega fortune slot has simply smashed that record.

This slot plays like a regular slot but there are 3 mega fortune jackpot icons that you can collect which gives you a chance at the bonus round, and hence the real jackpot.  Once you get to that bonus round, you have to cherish each opportunity as it doesn’t happen often.  There is your chance to unlock the 3 wheels which lead towards the Mega Fortune Jackpot win.

The last player to win the previous jackpot that was over €11 Million was a 20 year old Norwegian student who won the jackpot on October 2011. 1 year later the jackpot has almost matched the size of the previous record and if nobody wins it in the next few days it should surpass the nearly 12M mark.

Some of the previous jackpots were on the Microgaming progressive jackpot network which are on a different casino software.  Now Net Entertainment has put themselves in a league of their own.  If we were to add up all the progressive jackpot totals available this very moment, we are most likely looking at $50 million available on about 100 different progressive slot games. If we just start to name softwares we can usually count the number of progressive jackpots they have: Party gaming, Rival gaming, Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Top Game, Playtech, CTXM, Slotland, IGT and many more.

Why should you play this slot now?

This slot has an expected payout of around $2 to $5 million and when a jackpot grows to be much larger than the average, your ROI for the amount of money you play is worth it. That is the previous money has been collected and the return on your bet amounts actually could be greater than 100%, which means pure profit for you.

So find a casino that offers the Mega Fortune slot and get spinning.

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