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Vegas Jackpot Keno

Vegas jackpot keno is a flashier type of keno that I stumbled upon this past week. The difference is being able to call more balls which in theory could result in a higher jackpot but that of course doesn’t happen as frequently. I have only been able to find these types of keno at rival casinos. Sometimes I pick up keno tickets at the grocery store where they sell lottery tickets. These keno games are fun but it is just not the same as I think you have a worse chance of winning these games than playing online keno.

To put it into perspective playing keno at your country or state or provincial lotteries means that for every dollar you bet that you’ll get less than 50% of that money back on average. When you play specific games like vegas jackpot keno then you have a house edge near 96.5% which isn’t bad and it means you actually have a good chance of winning something.

Online gambling for the same matter is the same principle with online slots having approximately 4% house edge whereas land based casinos will have a 20% house edge.

So where does Vegas jackpot keno fit into the scheme of this article? It is an online game and any place you find it you will have a house edge of less than 4% and you can expect to get bonuses almost every time you play this game. If you love keno this is a win win situation and a great keno variation to play.

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