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The Future of Online Live Streaming

The Future of Online Live Streaming

Without doubt, watching sports online has become one of the most popular leisure activities. Whether you are a punter, or just a sports fan, being able to watch a sports event online is a great privilege that cost almost nothing.

A lot of people out there take this literally and go after the free streams, which basically make the experience of watching a real nightmare. Lots of ads, pop ups, lag, poor quality or all of the above at once.

The simple solution is to choose a the bet365 live streaming services. For a one time deposit of 5.00 GBP you gain lifetime access to over 20,000 live events per year. That’s over 1500 events per month each month.

For the price at which you can buy a pack of beer, you will get: exceptional quality of the picture, no lag on all events, even major ones like El Clasico or tennis finals, no ads, no pop ups, and live English commentators.

And if that’s not enough, the platform is highly optimized for mobile devices, so you can watch your game or event wherever you have an internet connection, whether it’s on the beach or in the mountain.

To make things even better, bet365 will match 100% of your first deposit from 50.00 EUR to 200.00 GBP depending on your location. For full details, and the different bonus amount for different countries refer to the bet365 free bet page.

The only downside of the service is that there’s no full screen option. That is because with over 4 million customers, bet365 wants everyone to be able to enjoy the stream with great quality and no lag. The team is currently working on bringing you this feature, plus HD quality soon.

Here’s what events you will be able to enjoy with bet365: English Championship, English Carling Cup, Europa League, Spanish Primera Division, German Bundesliga, French League 1, Italy Serie A, Dutch Eredivisie, many other football leagues, all tennis tournaments, table tennis, cricket games, snooker and much more.

So why put up with the lag, the ads, the pop ups, when for a small, one time deposit you can get the best online live streaming service for your PC and mobile device. You don’t even have to place a bet unless you are into gambling. Join bet365 today, and watch sports online the way it’s meant to be.




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