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How to test casino software

Testing casino software might sound challenging but it isn’t as tough as you think. You just need to know some basic informations about basic strategies and the probability of events happening. For example the cards you get in a blackjack game should be random and the results will converge to a final answer to prove if this is indeed rigged or offered a fair game to the player. The same can be said for video poker as this information is easy to scan for such as the results of the called cards after playing a hand. They should be random and of course not include the cards that were already displayed or currently in play.

For slots this is a tougher challenge as more simulations are needed to allow the results to converge to the truth of the result. Where games have highest variance and longer intervals on jackpots then the results can be very misleading say if 200,000 spins have occurred without the jackpot being won. This could have an influence of 1% depending on the size of the jackpot.

Of course you always visit the wizard of odds website to gain more knowledge of how to gamble and various testing methods used to determine if a casino offers legitimate software.

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