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How do online slots work?

Online slots seem like a mystery to most people. If you lose too much then you think it is rigged. If you win too much you think it’s too good to be true yet you keep playing them anyways. Everyone wants to know what the random number generator (RNG) is but would that really help your trust. All you need to know is that any casino that has rigged the results in their favor has ended up going out of business. Slots on their own will take your money anyways so why do you need to be so greedy to take it all as soon as possible?

5 reel 3 reel and video slots

Video slots are typically known as 5 reel slots as well but not always. Video slots tend to have more ‘meat’ behind them in that you get scatters, bonus rounds, wild symbols and all sorts of extras to make the games more fun but also more confusing. 3 reels are simple slots to look at but 5 reel and 3 reels can also have multiple paylines. When playing you want to make sure your bet size covers all pay lines otherwise you are losing too much money on the play.

What slots should you play?

Any ones you like. Some slots might be hot while others will always be cold. Just keep playing until you find one you like and be sure to check forums to see about an online casino’s reputation.

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